Laura Pawela is a multidisciplinary artist whose work is driven by the concept of the imagination as a filter for reality. Her diverse practice includes video, sculpture, drawing, installation, and other time-based works.

Pawela’s practice deals with a myriad of themes, yet is frequently bound by an exploration of self or an assumed perception of identity or personal history. Her work frequently contains cultural reference, sometimes dealing directly with myths and representations of art making. Her works also deal with multiple realities suggested by the characterisation of contemporary society as an Information Age, and the interaction of the fictional, the virtual and physical.

Laura Pawela was born in Rybnik, Poland in 1977. She studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts, Wroclaw and at the Institute of Art, University of Opole. She has exhibited extensively in Poland and abroad including Pump House Gallery, London; the Centre of Contemporary Art, Toruń; Manchester Contemporary 2013; BWA, Wroclaw; Gallery of Contemporary Arts, Opole; the National Museum, Warsaw; Centre Européen d’Actions Artistiques Contemporaines, Strasbourg; Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin; the National Brukenthal Museum, Sibiu and the Centre of Contemporary Arts, Moscow, and undertook a residency at the Triangle Arts Association in New York. In 2013 she was awarded the prestigious Silesian Voivodeship Artistic Award for achievements in the field of the visual art. She lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.


Frames, 2008
Time variable (loop) 4/3


Frames nr 643, 2015
C-type print
35 x 45cm
Edition of 5 and 1 AP

E.O.D, 2011
01:47 16/9

Ocean, 2011
04:00 (loop) 16/9


Still from ‘Untitled/ Friedrich’, 2008

Pink Horizon, 2014