Lotte Rose Kjær Skau, United We-I Stand Etc. me_sunflowers, 2012

Lotte Rose Kjaer Skau is an artist who works in sculpture, video and digital painting utilising a variety of new media technologies. Her work takes its inspiration from a variety of sources including music culture, technology, cybernetics, ritual gestures and cultural tradition mediated by software.

Her works for Manchester Contemporary 2017 are “digital paintings” using silk and stainless steel to describe transient, virtual worlds, like still lifes comprising of flowing shapes, disparate images floating in space and strange, uneven glitches. Lotte explains that she is, “attracted to the fusion of the physical and the digital space, the perception of materials, tactility, emotion and memory and how they manifest themselves in the digital.” Lotte is also known for works that mix video, GIFs and sound, whether performances at the other end of a webcam or strange landscapes and interiors.

Lotte studied an MA is Sound Art at the London College of Communication. Exhibitions include: ‘NO’, a solo exhibition at #FELT Bergen (2016); ‘Émotif Massif’ at #KvitGalleri Copenhagen (2016); ‘A Bad Policeman is Always Busy’ curated by #DanielDavies and #MarkJackson at #GalleryNorth Newcastle (2016); ‘Alt.Liv.4’ a solo exhibition at #Øen Copenhagen (2014); and ‘The Hand That Takes’ at #CambridgeJunction Cambridge (2014).

In 2014 Lotte participated in the Forårsudstillingen at #Charlottenborg Copenhagen where she was awarded the Helle & Arent Jacobsen’s Grant for Young Artists. Also in 2014 she presented the solo exhibition ‘United We/I Stand Etc.’ at IMT Gallery (2014) debuting an ongoing video project. She had her second solo exhibition, ‘Medals and Poise, Energy and Praise’, at the gallery in 2017. An essay on her work, ‘Here I Am: Telepresent Subjecthood in the Work of Lotte Rose Kjær Skau’ by Morgan Quaintance, appears in the book Mass Effect: Art and the Internet in the Twenty-First Century, MIT Press (2015).

Lotte lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Exhibition essay by Morgan Quaintance

lowly cover image full 2

Four_yellow_digital_dots, 2016
3D digital painting, Giclée print
66.7 × 35 cm

Installation view of ‘So hold me Mother B’ at Kvit Galleri, Copenhagen, 2017

Installation view of ‘So hold me Mother B’ at Kvit Galleri, Copenhagen, 2017
Fibre, 2017
Animation, media player, cables, plaster, wood
239 × 92 × 27 cm

Lotte Rose Kjær Skau_So hold me Mother B_Kvit Galleri_Photo by David Stjernholm-21

Installation view of ‘So hold me Mother B’ at Kvit Galleri, Copenhagen, 2017
Untitled, 2017
Screen fabric
114 × 73 cm


Multi_colored_banana, 2018
Digital painting, Giclée print
46 × 60 cm

Poise on silkkopie

Poise, 2016
Digital painting on silk
114 × 108 cm
Edition of 5 (+2 AP)

United We/I Stand Etc. Me_Fire_Grid,  2016
02:44 (loop) | 16/9

United We/I Stand Etc. me_green, 2013
02:47 (loop) | 16/9

United We/I Stand Etc. me_tiger dress, 2012
00:26 (loop) | 4/3

la santa sport

La_santa_sport, 2018
Digital painting, Glicée print
52 × 52 cm

Lidenskab, 2015
Digital print on Hahnemühle paper
29.5 × 21cm

United We/I Stand Etc. me_sunflowers, 2012
00:45 (loop) | 4/3

Lotte Rose Kjær Skau, Peberfrugt, 2016

Peberfrugt, 2016
Digital painting on silk
105 × 92 cm
Edition of 5 (+2 AP)

United We/I Stand Etc. me_South Africa, 2014
Video, driftwood and glass
02:53 (loop) | 16/9

everything twice

Everything Twice, 2015
Digital collage, C-type print
26 × 24cm

How to Get Somewhere, 2012
02:58 (loop) | 16/9