Lotte Rose Kjær Skau, United We-I Stand Etc. me_sunflowers, 2012

Lotte Rose Kjær Skau is a Danish artist and musician who works predominantly in sound art, installation and video. She makes work that renders a subject and its environment as things in oscillation between technology, cybernetics, self-enjoyment and cultural tradition; transient, virtual worlds of performance and communication mediated by computer technologies and tactile sculptural interventions of rocks, driftwood and knitting.

Kjær Skau describes her work as “one big search for the void” and the interaction between feelings of nothingness and being flooded with ego. Her work is informed by a lively multitude of sources fluctuating between public and private spheres, from the machinations of the international music industry through to the artisanal handicraft traditions of her family.

Lotte Rose Kjær Skau [b. 1984, Jutland, Denmark] recently graduated in 2012 with an MA in Sound Art at the London College of Communication and previously studied Audiologopedics (speech therapy studies) at the University of Copenhagen. She has exhibited and performed in the UK and Denmark, recently creating an installation for the Århus Lydfestival 2013. She has released two EP’s on Sound Esc as well as releasing several remixes on different labels. She was the recipient of a grant for the production of new work from the Danish Arts Council in 2010 and participated in the spring exhibition at Charlottenborg, Copenhagen where she was awarded the Helle & Arent Jacobsen’s Grant for Young Artists award. Kjær Skau lives and works in Copenhagen.

Installation view of ‘So hold me Mother B’ at Kvit Galleri, Copenhagen, 2017


Poise, 2016
Digital collage, C-type print
132 x 132 cm

Installation view of ‘So hold me Mother B’ at Kvit Galleri, Copenhagen, 2017
Fibre, 2017
Animation, media player, cables, plaster, wood
239 x 92 x 27 cm

Lotte Rose Kjær Skau_So hold me Mother B_Kvit Galleri_Photo by David Stjernholm-21

Installation view of ‘So hold me Mother B’ at Kvit Galleri, Copenhagen, 2017
Untitled, 2017
Screen fabric
114 x 73 cm

United We/I Stand Etc. Me_Fire_Grid,  2016
02:44 (loop) 16/9

United We/I Stand Etc. me_green, 2013
02:47 (loop) 16/9

Lotte Rose Kjær Skau,Kosmopolit, 2016

Kosmoplit, 2016
Digital painting


United We/I Stand Etc. me_tiger dress, 2012
00:26 (loop), 4/3

Lidenskab, 2015
Digital print on Hahnemühle paper
29.5 × 21cm


United We/I Stand Etc. me_sunflowers, 2012
00:45 (loop), 4/3

Lotte Rose Kjær Skau, Peberfrugt, 2016

Peberfrugt, 2016
Digital painting


United We/I Stand Etc. me_South Africa, 2014
Video, driftwood and glass
02:53 (loop), 16/9

everything twice

Everything Twice, 2015
Digital collage, C-type print
26 × 24cm

How to Get Somewhere, 2012
02:58 (loop), 16/9