The Modern Language Experiment



Filmarmalade presents The Modern Language Experiment
7 August 2014 12:00 – 9:00pm

Filmarmalade are proud to present The Modern Language Experiment’s Imagining a Re-Synchronizing
(The Phantom Twin)
, a new video installation of existing and new video work

The Modern Language Experiment’s one day installation takes as its starting point their recently published film, Imagining a Re-Synchronizing (The Phantom Twin) and attempts to deconstruct it by revealing the various slippages of time and space that remain hidden within the original work, so revealing the many inconsistencies that lie deep within the facade of the play of narrative and image.

“It will end, Childan thought. Someday. The very idea of place. Not governed and governing, but people. And yet he trembled with fear…”
The Man in the High Tower, Philip K. Dick, 1962

The Modern Language Experiment have recently exhibited work at the Arnolfini, Bristol, Angus-Hughes Gallery, London, Garis and Hahn, New York, the Bermondsey Project, London and at the Sluice Art Fair, London. The Modern Language Experiment where formed by Keh Ng and Matthew Stock in 2007 and are based in London.

The event is free

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