Ice Cream Mic 2011 by Hyun-Min Ryu
Hyun-Min Ryu
Ice Cream Mic, 2011
Mixed media


Maia Conran & Gordon Shrigley | Lotte Rose Kjær Skau | Flore Nové-Josserand
Henrik Potter | Józef Robakowski | Hyun-Min Ryu | Gordon Shrigley

15th March – 14th April 2013

Curated by Mark Jackson
Attachment presented an exhibition of works and collaborations in a variety of media, including drawing, photography, video and installation that might function as transformative loci for everyday substances, props or occurrences to become conduits of emotional exchange.

An attachment is not the core provider of purpose or meaning, it may be extra, superfluous, an after-thought or revision, but, regardless of the specifics of whatever exchange of meaning might be taking place in an art exhibition, an attachment is both object and process. The attachment can be an auxiliary component and may have a sinister or ulterior motive for its presence alongside the thing, a file appended to an email received from the artists and/or curator, the forging of a lasting emotional connection between people. With attachments there may be confusion about the point at which something becomes art.

The exhibition brought together artists from the United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Poland and South Korea, and a broad variety of artistic backgrounds including sculpture, video art, architecture, sound art and photography.