P A O L A   C I A R S K A  ?
7 – 1 0   F E B R U A R Y   2 0 1 9 

B O O T H   N 9

BOOM! Hi Rotterdam! It’s our first time at Art Rotterdam, and we’re super excited to be bringing the AMAZING Paola Ciarska! ?

Paola is an exciting young artist who is very quickly becoming well known in the UK for painting miniature figurative paintings. ArtForum has said that her work “demands close attention, and repeated looking unfolds strange new frissons and surprise details.” ?️‍♀️Candid say her exhibitions have both “substance and fun in equal measure.” ? It’s Nice That declare that they are “clearly the work of a skilled artist [with] a spontaneous talent.” ?‍? But come and check them out for yourself!

Each contains a solitary woman: moseying about naked in a vacated museum, webcasting in a private home remixed as a 3D chat room, or reclining in an MTV Crib. Variously posing, smoking, working on laptops, taking selfies or checking Facebook, Paola’s “girls” are surrounded by curiosities and paraphernalia: Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring or a print of Lisa Simpson; ironing boards and lounging whippets; a BDSM ball-gag or an acid house t-shirt. Intimate and beautifully crafted, the works describe an explicitly human presence: real places connected through online networks. They are homes reimagined within the digital ecosystems of chatrooms and digital influencers, camgirls and cyberstars, yet they are also personal stories about real homes and the lives of those who live in them.