24 JANUARY – 2 MARCH 2014


United We/I Stand Etc.
 was the first solo exhibition of work by Danish sound artist and musician Lotte Rose Kjær Skau. Using video, installation and sound Kjær Skau produces replications of the instances of vanity, fragility and serendipitous beauty found amongst user-generated content on the World Wide Web.

At the centre of the exhibition were an on-going series of GIFs and video works, which Kjær Skau began in 2012: “The series came about, in part, in response to high-volume, raw or rough-hewn releases of some American Hip Hop Producers: They are putting out several tracks a month,” she says, “creating ripples, that later on became major waves in the heavy pop music industry. Likewise I wanted to produce a crowd of works with more concern for process than outcome. I am accumulating multiple self-portraits that become a crowd supporting each other, artificially enhancing the justification of their existence.”

The works form an archive in which the camera and monitor serve as a space where simple displays of identity take place between the private comfort of home and the public environment of the gallery or Web. Kjær Skau describes it as “a practice of enjoying one’s own movements in a performance space switching from the feel of a mirror to a window to the world.” Through replicating the accumulation of media found in creative technocultural modes of production made possible by access to contemporary technologies, Kjær Skau produces works that function as a crowd of simple gestures in which there may appear moments of connection: “It is a multitude of cultural debris, beautified by gems within that multitude, like home studio projects sent out into the world and occasionally becoming threads setting off stronger currents in modern culture.”

Lotte Rose Kjær Skau (born 1984, Jutland, Denmark). She recently graduated in 2012 with an MA in Sound Art at the London College of Communication and previously studied Audiologopedics (speech therapy studies) at the University of Copenhagen. She has exhibited and performed in the UK and Denmark, most recently creating an installation for the Århus Lydfestival 2013. She has released two EP’s on Sound Esc as well as releasing several remixes on different labels. She was the recipient of a grant for the production of new work from the Danish Arts Council in 2010. Kjær Skau lives and works in Copenhagen.

Kjær Skau was joined by Mark Jackson (Curator at IMT Gallery) and artist Erica Scourti on Resonance 104.4FM on Tuesday the 21st January to discuss themes raised by the exhibition and play some of the artist’s audio works. Also to accompany the exhibition IMT Gallery commissioned an essay by writer, musician and curator Morgan Quaintance. The essay is available as a PDF for free here.

To coincide with the exhibition we hosted the talk: United We/I Stand, Art After Youtube on the 2nd of March, which discussed the influence and use of image-based web technologies on creative practice. The panel included: Steven Ball (artist, writer and curator), Rachel Falconer (curator, writer and producer), Morgan Quaintance and was chaired by Mark Jackson, the curator at IMT Gallery.

Talk: United We/I Stand, Art After Youtube: Sunday 2nd March 6-9pm 

?United We/I Stand Etc. me_tiger dress, 2012
Video, 00:26 (loop) | 4/3