28 JUNE – 28 JULY 2013

Plastique Fantastique communiqué ‘Your Extinction Our Future!’ is an exhibition populated with inhuman avatars embodying myths of the extreme past and future. There are two ideas held to be self evident by the artists: all things are feedback loops of one sort or another; and biology and cybernetics are one and the same thing (generation/mutation/inversion/expiration). 

The communiqué is delivered in the form of cube structures, Perspex panels (diamond-dust drawings), inhuman propaganda posters and video that present various multifaceted fictions and diagrams. 

The cubes and panels serve as supports for glitter and pigment depictions of various feedback loops, but the structures are themselves inhuman and inanimate avatars: accretions, dense like standing stones, marked with figures and crystalline refractions (information concerning extinction and what follows extinction). 

The gist of the communiqué is clear enough: the accelerated evolution (or termination) of feedback loops is the only thing that matters, the only possible path, before entropy (or what Plastique Fantastique call the ‘time of capital, the deadly time’) finishes what it started. 

A starting point: 

Plastique Fantastique Communique: YOUR EXTINCTION OUR FUTURE!

PHENOME (= hu-man) quickly-became-ghost: wasted, sunken-eye-and-cheek. Pallor? That-of-wax-ed-fruit. This PHENOME-ghost thinks it is something but can-no-see that it is NO-THING but a HALL-LOOO-SIN-NASHUN (or, precisely, echo-of-a-feedback-loop). And whaoooooooooooo! this old loop can run-and-run… but not for-ever. PHENOME can only spin like an invert-ted-top. An eye it is: spiked on the sharp end of a cone pointed skywards (upright-and-uptight until entropy cools-its-chops… which blows sooner than you think my friend). But NOW, finally,PHENOME-time really is a running out. Yes siree! FINALLY REALLY RUNNING OUT! PHENOME-time not enough to run the infinite space of the (what-is) CLOUD. Too much plug-in. Too much playing with the sticky-icky lube-tube/fuzzy-insertion-slot. Too much connect-connect-connect-connect. Yes siree, TOO many prosthetics broke the back of this poor-old-PHENOME-circuitry.

What next then? NATURAL HISTORY: CLOUD gives birth to new animals. Feedback loop mutates/generates/inverts (less reverb-and-delay, more time-stretch-tool). All filters are visible and all connections are marked for these CREE-TURES (a host of parasites and, FINALLY: NEUROPATHEME). And they shall bring WAR: a war on PHENOME-ghosts until all is dead-and-dusted, until all transparent apparitions are circled, arrowed, filled in, made opaque, redacted.

No winners. Who survives? FUX-OWLING for one. All born flushed-and-unplugged, swimming the continuum, like water-in-water. And NEUROPATHEME no doubt a.k.a. subject-without-experience, all made sticky and ready to receive, ree-kiwired and re-wired, a confirmed neurocentric, bound-and-gagged, spoken-for-and-babel-rush. FirstNEUROPATHEME redacts the letter ‘I’ (followed shortly afterwards by all the other vowels). 2ND-GN N-PTH is born, and is first to sing (in a new loop of its own making): YR XTNCTN R FTR!

Plastique Fantastique is a performance fiction produced by David Burrows and Simon O’Sullivan and others through the production of avatars. Since 2004 the collaboration has explored the relation of the sacred, aesthetics and political and philosophical concepts through the production of performance, comics, artefacts, film and audio work, texts and installations. Recent exhibitions and performances include Plastique Fantastique Welcomes Neuropatheme, performance for Open File: Long Live the New Flesh, ICA London, 2013; There is not and never has been anything to understand! ASC Gallery, London, 2012; Multiverse Expanded, Akershus Kunstsenter Lillestrom, Norway 2011.




27 JULY 6 9 pm

Live performance as part of Plastique Fantastique’s YOUR EXTINCTION OUR FUTURE! at IMT Gallery.

All the Fantasies of the People was produced and performed by David Burrows, Simon O’Sullivan, Ana Benlloch, Tom Clark, Mark Jackson, Alex Marzeta, Vanessa Page and Stuart Tait.

Footage of Plastique Fantastique All the Fantasies of the People is available on Youtube and Vimeo

Artist Talk: Plastique Fantastique, Schizoanalysis and Schizostrategy Thursday 18th July 6pm – 9pm (talk begins at 7pm)

To complement the exhibition, Plastique Fantastique | Your Extinction Our Future!, Oreet Ashery and John Cussans will join David Burrows and Simon O’Sullivan to discuss Schizoanalysis and Schizostrategy (a termed coined by Reza Negarestani) and the themes of collapse, excess and the monstrous in relation to art and politics.

Oreet Ashery’s talk, titled ‘In the Space of Disparate Ghosts’, will present and discuss her work and ideas concerning excess, disassociation and genitals in the context of the political unconscious. John Cussans ‘Necrocracy and the Zombie Complex’ will discuss the political and cultural implications of different conceptions of zombies. David Burrows and Simon O’Sullivan will discuss the relation of myth, collapse and the imaginary in ‘Neuropath, Fux-Owl and other avatars’.

John Cussans is an artist and writer and Associate Research Fellow at Goldsmiths and is currently writing a book on the politics and history of zombies for Punctum Books. Oreet Ashery is an artist, a lecturer at Goldsmiths and an honorary research fellow at QMUL. Her recent projects include the Artangel commission ‘Party for Freedom’.

Plastique Fantastique is a group that investigates aesthetics, the sacred, politics and popular and mass culture through comics, performances, texts, assemblages and installations. It is envisaged as a group of human and inhuman avatars delivering communiqués from the extreme past and the future. Its works are baroque, transformative, express a subversive urgency and are frequently site-specific and participatory.

The list of individuals that make up Plastique Fantastique change dependent upon the circumstances. As a group it was originally conceived of by Simon O’Sullivan as the architects of the exhibition New Life at Chisenhale, London, a 2004 exhibition by the artist David Burrows. In Plastique Fantastique’s manifesto O’Sullivan proposed a group whose intentions are to shift potential participants “from work time (utility) into sacred time (play)” by executing practice as ritual. Since the appearance of the manifesto, the story of Plastique Fantastique has been narrated through their comics.

Plastique Fantastique is David Burrows and Simon O’Sullivan. It was formed in 2004 and has performed and exhibited in the UK and abroad including 176 Zabludowicz Collection, London; Outpost, Norwich; Apex, Portsmouth; Aliceday Gallery, Brussels and Pratt Manhattan Gallery, New York. They have participated in ‘GSK Contemporary’ at the Royal Academy of the Arts, London, ‘The Chemical Wedding’ Tate Britain, London 2008 and the 2010 Tatton Park Biennial.