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Next Live Stream: Maggie Roberts | Becoming Octopus Meditation Session 8 – Tuesday 27 October at 6:30pm BST


This is a Not-Me is updating…its ritual of distribution, with new videos arriving this coming Thursday 1st October. Plastique Fantastique have a second Zoom meeting with songs and a riddle from subkast kofke – Thompson & Craighead write jingles to foreshadow 2021 – Episode 2 of Quantum Loop, the third in John Powell-Jones’s quantum entanglement saga – Gentle Stranger return with a Jennifer Walton remix and video by Frankie Roberts – and re-join the queer, interdimensional world-building of Felix Rose Kawitzky’s Otherwards.

John Powell-Jones: Quantum Loop Episode 2 – an ongoing exploration of the toxic neoliberal ideology that places the entanglement of the gains of a small human elite and technological progress above the health and wellbeing of the Earth and the rest of its inhabitants.

Gentle Stranger (Jennifer Walton remix): Insects In The Sugar Water Timidly Rupture Our Favourite Gullets – A Gentle Stranger Jennifer Walton remix with video by Frankie Roberts.

Plastique Fantastique: EARTH YEAR ZERO 2nd ZOOM RITUAL Part 1 – the second Zoom meeting between subkast kofke, termites, feveractal and AP Kingsford – Part 1

Thomson & Craighead: See Through (extract) – a video extract from one of the elements comprising a new installation work called, See Through set to premiere IRL in 2021

Plastique Fantastique: EARTH YEAR ZERO 2nd ZOOM RITUAL Part 2 – the second Zoom meeting between subkast kofke, termites, feveractal and AP Kingsford – Part 2

Felix Rose Kawitzky’s Outpost Otherwards 2: doppelgängers: Otherwards is a queer, interdimensional world-building and storytelling community on Discord. Watch Otherwards continue to take shape or to be involved join directly via Discord here:

Additionally, Maggie Robert’s Becoming Octopus mediations are currently running weekly on Tuesday evening through September and October as part of This is a Not-Me. If you want to sign up to the Becoming Octopus meditation sessions, make sure to email

This is a Not-Me is an online only group show with Kara Chin, Gentle Stranger, Felix Rose Kawitzky, Plastique Fantastique, John Powell-Jones, Frankie Roberts, Maggie Roberts and Thomson & Craighead; curated by Mark Jackson.